Shatner v. Spader, pt.1

Boston Legal Brilliance

Boston Legal Brilliance

Denny: Tried it on, kept it on, doesn’t mean I forgive you.

Alan: Got it…Denny, you look pretty in pink.

Denny: Not having sex with you.

Alan: Just the same…



  1. god, i love those two men.

  2. Loved the breaking of the 4th wall with Alan’s comment using the words “pretty in pink” which of course is a famous movie that had James Spader (Alan) as the smarmy jerk “Steff.” It was always fun on “Boston Legal” when the writers would throw out a line that would shatter the 4th wall.

  3. Agreed, 100%!!!! Although I would have to say that I would term those instances more self-referential with a self-reflexive edge, but now we’re just splitting hairs!! 😀

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