Happy Birthday Bill!!!

Right-o, since I’m still a-workin’ on somethin’ bigger, and the inimitable James Tiberius Kirk/Denny Crane/Man who had the Nightmare at 20,000 Feet/Priceline Negotiator, etc CLEARLY takes precedence ANYWAY….Have at it.

Happy 78th birthday to the one…the only….William Alan Shatner.


Plus I shall give you Henry Rollins on his experience recording with Bill….

And some puppets singing the recorded song. Because the song? Fucking rules. And….so do puppets. In general.


Shatner v. Spader, pt. 2



Shatner v. Spader, pt.1

Boston Legal Brilliance

Boston Legal Brilliance

Denny: Tried it on, kept it on, doesn’t mean I forgive you.

Alan: Got it…Denny, you look pretty in pink.

Denny: Not having sex with you.

Alan: Just the same…