Reviews. Deconstruction. Geeking out. Research fascinations…Y’know, the norm.

This blog is a little bit of everything.

Due to the fact that it started waaaaay before I was doing academic work and learning how to function and express myself with a machine, you will find some rather, um, unique entries at the beginning. I think there might be a Tom Waits and cookie monster song?

However, as I developed my relationship with my blog, and grew into a more developed person, I learned how to express myself in a audiovisuoliteracademic way. Yes, I just made that word up. But that’s how I feel about the blog- it is hearing, seeing, reading, thinking. Pop culture, technology, and all of it. And I have a serious relationship with mine that I would never give up. I think my relationship with my blog has honestly gotten stronger over the years and that makes me happy.

So I hope you enjoy watching, listening, reading my development. I am proud of what I have in here.

It’s good stuff.

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