Name: Ariel Schudson. Background: moving image field for 15+ years.

After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from UC Santa Cruz in Film, Television and Media Studies, I followed up with graduate school in the Cinema and Media Studies program at UCLA, and graduated in 2005. After a few years of industry work and managing the media vault of a post-production facility, my goal and career path become clear: I wanted to become a moving image archivist. Received a 2nd Master’s degree from UCLA in 2013, this time from the Moving Image Archive Studies program. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

The two main “genres” in my academic career: 1) a focus on marginalization & representation in film/TV/media and 2) access to the moving image text. Through the archiving world and my critical studies work I have found ways to connect these two emphases. The moving image archiving world enjoys deep alliances. But many are for internal access.

Do we not develop a kind of alliance with our audiences when we exhibit a restoration that we have completed? The audience response to films has always been an integral part of the experience and they can make it or break it. In fact, that exhibition/audience connection has ended up inadvertently creating materials for the moving image archivist. We need each other. It is as simple as that.

Academic. Cinephile. Geek. Writer. Moving Image Archivist.

One MA in Critical Theory in Film. Another MA in Moving Image Archive Studies.

My professional work can be found at http://www.arielschudson.com

Let’s just say I’ve got my hands full.

Welcome to the (as of 2016) newly renamed, Archive-Type. This has been my blog since before my archivist days and has followed me into them. I hope you enjoy.


  1. hey, just wanted to say hi. great blog, keep it up! 🙂


  2. Diggin the blog!

  3. BTW, loved what you had to say in your answer (Question #1) in this month’s movie quiz by Dennis Cozzalio. Hear, hear.

  4. Very cool.

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